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  • Major Economic Indicators
  • Major Economic Indicators
  • Central banks meeting views
  • Fed Interest Rate Decision – FOMC

    Data Summary: The main task of the US Federal Open Market Committee of the US monetary policy decisions. At the same time they will be by regulating monetary policy coordination and balance commodity prices and economic growth. In general, the Commission by adjusting interest rates the Fed to implement the policy. For example, the US economy (GDP) grew slower, FOMC Fed rate cut generally to stimulate economic growth (similar to China's interest rate cut RRR), in order to encourage investment, business expansion and productivity of the country profile data (colloquially it is easier to borrow money!). At the same time, if the US economy growing too fast, because the Fed would risk posed by inflation and higher interest rates, which will curb speculation and reduce credit and reduce the scale of investment (colloquially, it is more difficult to borrow money!) .

    Data Impact: When a country decides to raise interest rates ( raise interest rates), its national currency will be more attractive to investors, because the money in their country to get interest rates will be higher. For example in January 2015 when the Bank of Canada (Bank of Canada) decided to reduce interest rates, the euro against the Canadian dollar (USDCAD) is how to react.

    Data impact

    At this moment, the Bank of Canada announced a rate cut (in order to stimulate economic growth in Canada), the US dollar against the Canadian dollar surged more than 300 points. In the Bank of Canada cut interest before the rates, investors buy 1 lot of USD / CAD, that by this time the market to make a profit 300 points, which is $ 3,000.

  • Nonfarm payroll, NFP

    Introduction to data:For money trading, non-farm is the most important news of the market every month. On the first Friday of each month, the US will announce NFP (non-farm), which reflects the growth of US manufacturing and service industries.

    Non-farm industry in addition to farmers, including : - government civil servants
    -Family owned enterprise
    -Nonprofit organization (organization of assisting individual)
    US non-agricultural industry accounts for 80% of US GDP, if a month of non-farm employment increased significantly, it shows the health of the US economy. Theoretically, a good non-farm data is favorable to the exchange rate and can dominate US monetary policy makers and economists' decisions and predictions of the future.

    >Data impact:In the first Friday of March 2007 at 08:30, the market is expected to US non-farm data is 130,000 (that is, the United States this month in the non-agricultural sector will increase 130,000 new jobs), but when the actual data is published, the results The growth rate has become 180,000, that is, the growth rate of new jobs in the United States greatly exceeded the market expectations, the US economy is also a major positive. Because the United States is good, so the dollar will naturally be affected by the positive appreciation. For example, the actual situation of the euro against the dollar at that time: because the dollar rose rapidly, so Europe and the United States fell sharply by 50 points. (1 LOT SELL EURUSD), if the non-agricultural investors in Europe and the United States under the 50 points down, you can profit $ 500.

  • Fed Chairman/Chairwoman Talks
    Data Summary: Fed chairman conference will be held several times a month, the main issue is monetary policy, but the current Fed Chairwoman Janet Niteyelun from time to time to raise or lower interest rates in the future given some hints. Customary on the market "hawks" and "doves" two words to describe the interest rate decision for the future of the two factions of the different positions. Fed Chairwoman Janet Niteye lecture will affect the foreign exchange market volatility. Federal Reserve Board each month to discuss the future of monetary policy at a specified time. If there is conference, Chairman of the Committee will give some signal to predict future changes in interest rates.
  • Manufacturing PMI
    Introduction to data:PMI refers to the manufacturing purchasing managers' index, which reflects the implementation of a country's manufacturing industry, which includes new orders, employees, production, storage, new (and cumulative) orders, prices, etc. in the industry. In the form of non-quantitative questionnaires, the respondents only need to make qualitative judgments on each question, choose one of the three answers (up to the previous month), the same or the same. PMI index is 50% of the waterline, when the PMI index is higher than 50, it represents the country's economic industry in the development; the other hand, when the PMI index below 50, then the country's economic industry in recession. At present, in addition to the United States, there are 19 countries to establish the PMI data to investigate the country's manufacturing industry.
  • Australian banks
    Australia's  in a recent meeting on interest rates, It adopted a resolution to keep interest rates unchanged, But inflation data mentioned meeting on poor performance and instability of the economic outlook have hinted that further rate cuts in the space still exists. Recent economic data has improved slightly in Australia, late Economic development needs further observation, But worries still exist, The main impact of China and other emerging market economies affected by slowdown, Commodity prices continued to slump, Global economic outlook is not optimistic. Recently, the Australian dollar temporarily ended their downward trend, But after no obvious signs, Fed rate hike expectations, Still support the dollar higher, Australian dollar down ,   To maintain the shock, after the performance of directional selection need to be changes in Fed rate hike and the international situation and specific commodities.
  • New Zealand's central bank
    New Zealand's central bank recently to maintain interest rates unchanged, the statement said that the future may have further measures to cut interest rates, after the policy action will be more consideration of the actual economic data, the current economic slowdown in the temporary stable, Mainly. But the Federal Reserve interest rate is expected to make the global financial markets will face liquidity tightening situation, the slowdown in emerging economies, the demand for downturn, lower commodity prices will make economic development difficult situation, so do not rule out the Federal Reserve To take further measures to cut interest rates. New Zealand dollar as a commodity currency, and Australia with a high degree of correlation, although there is a certain recent rebound, but the late trend is still not optimistic.