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Common foreign exchange term

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Analyst, an analyst at the main work is the use of icons, macro and micro information to determine a trend of the market (including the currency, stocks, funds, etc)

It refers to a government official announced an increase in the gold content of the national currency, the national currency exchange rate or increase the base and foreign currency, a measure to reduce the foreign exchange rates

Arbitrage refers to the use of different foreign exchange market foreign exchange differences, to buy a currency at a certain foreign exchange market, and sell the currency in the foreign exchange market on the other, to

Ask(Offer) price
Selling price, selling price is short of time to get the price

AUS 200
Australia's 200 largest corporate stock index

At best
You can get the best price

At or better
It can be specified or a better price

Australia, or an adjective associated with Australia

Bar Chart
Column Chart

Base Currency
Base currency (BaseCurrency) which represents the value of the base currency against the second currency. Example, USD / CHF quote of 1.6215, which was $ 1 worth 1.6215 Swiss francs

Bear market

Bid Price
Purchase price, the purchase price is to do more when the price received

Bid/ask spread
Point difference, a difference of buying and selling prices of products

Bank of England

Bank of Japan

Bollinger Bands
BOLL indicators called Bollinger Bands indicators, its English name is "Bollinger Bands", Bollinger (BOLL) by Mr. John Breen creation, its use of statistical principles, the standard deviation of the stock obtained and confidence intervals to determine fluctuation range of stock and future trends, the use of the safety zone display of the high and low price of the stock, which is also known as the Bollinger band. Its upper and lower limit is not fixed, with the rolling stock varies. Mike Breen indicators and indicators MIKE belong to the same path indicators, stock price volatility in the interval of the upper and lower limits, the width of this strip area, along with the size of the stock price volatility and change, price change rate increase, the band shaped region widens, ups and downs when narrow consolidation, strap is narrower


In a professional trading environment, "trading book" for the trader or trading desk open before all

B Book
Refers to the dealer holds positions contrary clients, but also the so-called market makers mode

British Retail Consortium(BRC) index

British Retail Consortium (BRC British Retail Consortium) is a leading trade association whose members include large multinational retail chains, department stores, town shops, stores and other retailers network, a wide selection of products involved

Do more, buy more

Commonly known as sterling

Canadian dollar

Candlestick Chart
Candle icon

C Book
Book a new concept, it is already widely used in the market corresponding to the A-Book and B-Book, popular abroad after the typhoon control of traders and Dealing Desk STP modes are referred to as A-Book and B-Book

Central Bank
The central bank, a German national bank monetary policy decisions

CFDs - CFDs are derived from stock and includes leveraged financial products, trading is an effective way of stocks, indices and futures. London Stock Exchange has 200 years of history, in 2000 the British launch of the UK equity CFDs to November 2006, there is a short period of seven years or so, trading volume on the stock CFDs trading has accounted for the London Stock Exchange 25% of the total. What CFD can bring wealth, what chance? First, domestic investors can facilitate access to international markets and has trading positions in different markets. Second, the overseas market will provide better liquidity. Again, the dispersion of funds in different markets in different countries, it will not be undue influence from adverse movements in the single market%

Liquidation, the throw to the market risk or liquidity providers (banks)

Closed position
We have open positions

Closing price
The closing price

Contracts, such as futures contracts, a foreign exchange contracts

Contract Size
Contract Size

Consumer Price Index, the English abbreviation for the CPI, is figured out based on the living-related products and services price index for price changes, usually observed as an important indicator of the level of inflation

Cross pair
Crosses, do not cross-dollar contract unit, for example GBPJPY EURAUD

Futures investment funds referred futures funds or commodity funds, refers to the majority of investors to put money together, entrusted to the professional futures investment institutions, investment transactions and futures through commodity trading adviser (CTA), investors bear the investment risk and investment profits enjoyed a collection of investment

Currency and a developed country

Currency pair
Currency, two monetary generated cross-comparison, for example EURUSD, USDJPY

Currency Symbol
Currency symbols, such as EUR (Euro), AUD (Australian dollar), USD (US dollar)

Forex traders is engaged in foreign exchange transactions specialized technical staff, including the chief trader, senior trader, general traders, lower traders, interns and administrators and other positions. Foreign exchange manager or chief trader responsible for the entire trading room, he directed and coordinated all activities of faculty and report to superiors, is the core of the trading room. Senior trader in charge of large transactions, under the command of the chief trader, the specific implementation of trading strategies, money management and position in charge of the supervision and management of its traders. In addition, senior trader also directly responsible for profit and loss position of each trader, the specific arrangements for the length of the scale and duration of the transaction, as the market continues to adjust the position of the last report to the chief trader. Traders are directly responsible for the lower control position or less in charge of the money, and give senior trader in the transaction amount to support, in addition, interns and position management personnel are responsible for providing specific positions in real-time status, the single transaction entered into the computer, then telephone transactions or operations

Day trading
In a short time (eg within one week) at least once or more transactions in the same stock investment. Outside the T + 0 market, generally refers to frequent trading on the same day to complete at least once a stock buying and selling

Currency devaluation

Derivatives contracts (Derivative contracts) refers to the so-called derivatives derived from native products out of things, financial derivatives are derived from the underlying financial products out of trading pattern. By definition, the financial sector, financial derivatives are related to exchange cash flows or intended to transfer risk to traders one kind of bilateral agreement, it gives the holder an obligation or right to choose a kind of financial asset trading, which the value of its financial asset prices trading decisions, often including futures contracts, options contracts, forward contracts, swap agreements

Depreciation and is not a means, Devaluation means at a fixed exchange rate regime, the central bank official by their lower real exchange rate, rather than a sudden devaluation recurring adjustments

Discount rate
Refers to the business of commercial banks discounting bills, according to a certain interest at the rate of such interest rate is the discount rate, which is the price of discounted bills to gain funding. Commonly used in the discounted bills. Whole notes receivable before the maturity needed liquidity available to the banks for discount bills or loans. When the Bank agreed, according to a certain denomination bills deducted from interest rate or discount interest loan maturity date to date only, and pay the balance. The level of the discount rate, mainly based on financial market interest rates to decide

Stock dividends, based on the performance of a company a quarter of the profits distributed to shareholders

US Dow Jones index

An adjective monetary policy means the central bank may cut interest rates to stimulate economic growth

EA( Expert Advisor)
Smart Forex MT4 EA fully automated trading system that is your own or someone else's forex trading strategy written in a special programming language (MQL) into a computer software program (Expert Advisor), let the computer according to your preset automatically good condition for your business and trade, of course, it depends on your profit and loss results of automated trading system designed to be good or bad.

Europea, German: Europäische Zentralbank) referred to the European Central Bank headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, was established in June 1, 1998, which is responsible for EU monetary policy and the euro zone finance. Is based on the 1992 "Maastricht special" provisions in the July 1, 1998 formally established, in order to adapt to the financial institutions and the establishment of the issued and outstanding euro, but also the product of European economic integration. European Central Bank's first president was Wim Duisenberg, the Dutch, a former Dutch central bank governor, was in macroeconomics professor at the University of Amsterdam. Its successors in Jean - Claude Trichet, a Frenchman, a former Bank of France Governor of the Bank of France, took over in November 2003. The current president of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, the Italian who served as Governor of the Bank of Italy, took over in November 2011

Economic Calendar
Economic Calendar contains the economic calendar, the calendar of economic indicators, financial event notice, the major countries interest rates, the bond futures market, indexes centers, including a major financial events in China, the United States, Japan, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and other countries of the region and the relevant financial indicators FINANCE big Upcoming events

Economic Indicator
Economic indicators, such as the US non-farm

American East Coast time

Euronext 50
Euronext (Euronext) in Amsterdam by the Dutch stock exchange, Paris, Brussels, Belgium, three stock exchanges under Dutch law, established in September 2000 through the merger of the pan-European stock exchange


European Monetary Union
European Monetary Union

Eurozone Labor Cost Index
Monitoring of compensation and benefits of annual inflation index of domestic workers to obtain, is considered to promote the overall level of inflation is the main driving force

Federal Reserve System (English: The Federal Reserve System or Federal Reserve, informally known as The Fed), referred to the Federal Reserve, the US central bank is responsible for fulfilling the duties. This system is based on the "Federal Reserve Act" (Federal Reserve Act) on November 16, 1914 established

Deal, if a list is Fill, and refers to the list has been traded

Federal Open Market Committee (The Federal Open Market Committee), referred to as the FOMC. FOMC is part of the Federal Reserve System, the main task in determining US monetary policy, monetary policy through regulation, to achieve balanced economic growth and price stability between the two

Foreign exchange(forex,fx)
Foreign exchange inter-bank market, referred to as the FOREX. FOREX or FX in English "Foreign Exchange" (foreign exchange) acronym. Forex trading refers to the exchange trading of foreign currencies. As the average daily trading volume of $ 1.5 trillion market, the size of the foreign exchange market is the global futures market aggregate of 46 times. Because of this, the foreign exchange market is the world's most liquid market

FTSE 100
FTSE 100 FTSE 100 index. London's FTSE 100 index. London's FTSE index

Fundamental analysis
Fundamental analysis methods to assess the intrinsic value of a stock by calculating its value. Fundamental analysts study range from general economic and industry environment as well as the company's own financial position and management



Going long
To do more - a verdict product prices would rise to make a profit

Going short
Short - a decision will fall to the price of the product to make a profit


Gross domestic product(GDP)
GDP - refers to the market value of a country (within national borders) all resident units in a given period of production of all final goods and services. GDP is a key indicator of national accounting, but also to measure an important indicator of overall economic health of a country or region

An adjective monetary policy, the central bank may mean heightening interest rates to prevent inflation

Hedge, Lock - can do the opposite list to lock the account of the risk

There is no liquid market or product

Inflation rate

Initial margin requirement
Initial deposit required

Interbank rates
The inter-bank exchange rate, is the most primitive of the exchange rate and the foreign exchange market spreads


Market disruption, in order to prevent systemic risk or change a country's monetary policy, the central bank occasionally interfere with the market, such as the black swan event CHF 2014

Introducing broker(ib)
Agents - intermediary business, introducing broker, you can get a commission by introducing clients

ISM manufacturing index
It is important data from the US Institute for Supply Management released to reflect the prosperity of the US economy and the dollar have an important effect. ISM index into ISM Manufacturing Index and ISM non-manufacturing index two

Japanese economy watchers survey
Japanese Economy Watchers Survey - Survey of Japan for the industry, the company is one pair of the entire economy and is expected to independence, such as waiters, drivers and so on. Index over 50 is positive

Japanese machine tool orders
Measure the total value of new orders in the machine manufacturer. Machine tool orders the company, the machine, future demand for industrial production, a leading indicator measures. Strong economic data generally indicates that the manufacturing sector is improving, the economy is in the expansion phase

Also known as Stochastic, is a fairly new and useful technical analysis indicators, which at first used to analyze the futures markets, was widely used in the short-term stock market trend analysis, futures and stock markets are the most commonly used technical analysis tool. The highest closing price of the Stochastic KDJ system is generally used for statistical analysis of the stock, according to statistical theory, by a specific period (usually 9, 9 weeks, etc.) occurred within the lowest and the last calculation period and proportional relationship between the three, to calculate the value of the last random immature compute cycles RSV, then the smoothing moving average method to calculate the value of K, D and J values ​​values ​​and plotted graphs to judgments stock trend

Commonly known as the New Zealand dollar

Leverage - Also called margin ratio refers to the ratio of the actual needs of the margin and the value of the contract

LIBOR (London InterBank Offered Rate, abbreviated LIBOR), the interest rate large international banks willing to lend to other large international banks when required. It is the interest rate commercial banks in the London interbank market, insider trading stored in non-US dollar bank transactions involved. LIBOR is often as business loans, mortgages, debt interest rate of the benchmark issue. At the same time, long-term floating rate loan interest rate will be determined on the basis of LIBOR. LIBOR reference rate is also a lot of contracts

Limit order
Limit order (Limit Order): This one is not only to be executed immediately, but to offer a preset price to be executed, limit orders have been for the purpose of most of the open positions, to lock in profits, profits flat warehouse, it is also known as the "earnings only single" or "profit alone." But there are also intended to set the price after the opening of

Liquid Market
There are liquid markets, refers to a market to buy and sell orders are sufficient, so the deal will soon speed, low cost

Mobility - a market liquidity determines a product of the speed of transactions, the environment, cost. In institutions where liquidity is available to be used as a hedge traders

Long position
More than one - one more look up product prices

Bullish investors

Hand (forex inside a standard lot is 100,000)

MACD called exponential smoothing moving average, exponential moving average from the double line evolved, from fast exponential moving average (EMA) minus the slow exponential moving average, MACD meaning and double moving average is basically the same but easier to read. When MACD turned positive from negative, it is a buy signal. When MACD turned negative from positive, it is a sell signal. When MACD large angle change, indicates the difference between fast and slow moving average moving average line very quickly opened, representing a market trend change.


Margin is the amount needed to list next

Margin call
Due to lower margin would not be enough, all orders will be forced open.

Market maker
Market Maker

Market order
Usually a trader platform or processing platform (Dealing Desk) is used to process orders, and the type to fixed-point difference. DD or market maker spreads to profit by, and when necessary with the customer the opposite direction of the transaction. Market makers, by definition, is to provide customers "make a market", "manufacturing market," under certain conditions, traders want to buy, when to sell to the market maker trading, when traders want to sell the market maker will buy it, that is to say, when needed, market makers will always be in a position to counter-party traders, contrary to the trader's positions in this way to "make a market." Traders saw buying and selling price and the actual price of the interbank foreign exchange market is not the same, in order to complete the transaction by orders, market makers when needed opportunity to reverse the transaction in order to control prices.

Market risk
Market Risk

It means the Exchange after the close of daily full-day turnover calculated on the basis of the daily settlement price, calculated accordingly floating profit and loss positions of each member, and check deposit account balances, timely issue margin calls, so the margin balances remain above a certain level , debt settlement system to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon

Net position
Total positions, compared to more than a single account and a single open space. For example, an account has more than one hand 5 and 3 empty one hand, and that the accounts Net Position 2 is more than one hand

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), referred to the OECD (OECD), is an intergovernmental economic organization of 34 countries consisting of market economy, to jointly cope with the economic globalization, social and governance challenges and other aspects, and to grasp the opportunities brought by globalization. Founded in 1961, the current total of 34 member countries, with headquarters in Paris

OCO( One Cancel Other)
Order a model, which is used for a open positions, and completed by the following method; traders set stop orders or limit orders to the existing open positions, the first collision open positions (if the stop order collision damage, if the limit order hits profit when closing the transaction was canceled the rest of the command

Open order ( Open position)
Open positions

Options - refers back to buy the seller to pay the premium (of premium) have in the next period of time (mean American option) or a specific future date (European option) to prespecified good price (mean strike price) the rights of the seller to buy or sell a certain number of the particular subject matter, but did not have the obligation to buy or sell (ie, the buyer has the option to choose whether to exercise the right to buy or sell, and the option buyer the seller must unconditionally obey choice and to fulfill the promise when the transaction

Order form

Order book
The total amount of orders, customer orders total exposure traders in the background can be seen at the same time customers can see the general direction

Over the counter(OTC)
OTC market, also known as the OTC market, the OTC trading refers to shares in the stock exchange market conducted outside

Overnight position
Overnight positions, the list gets all overnight or pay interest on overnight


Shows the market price trends, parabolic index suitable for use in market trend, a trend of consolidation when there is no advantage of this indicator is not big

Partial fill
Part of the transaction, such as Europe and America more than a single hand was a 5 PARTIAL FILL, may be one-time only deal 3 hands

Most small unit of foreign exchange transactions, enter 0.00001 Five-digit after the decimal point is 1 PIP 1


Price transparency
Price transparency, liquidity is generally relatively high price of the product would be more transparent, such as the euro against the dollar, gold


Purchasing managers index( PMI)
Purchasing managers index, referred to as PMI, reflecting the industrial development of a country. Used to track the development of the manufacturing PMI index derived from the production, new orders, employees, suppliers, delivery and inventory five weighted categories of indicators

Prices given dealer

Quantitative easing
Quantitative easing monetary policy in order to stimulate economic growth, the Fed launched a series of QE (Quantitative Easing) policy, on the basis of maintaining low interest rates, through the purchase of government bonds and other acts, the market has injected a lot of liquidity

The broader market rose

Trading range, for example, a recent currency within the scope of 100 floating point

Interest rate

RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia)

RBNZ (Reserve Bank of New Zealand)

Realized profit/loss
Profit / Loss Realized

Resistance level
Resistance line, resistance

Retail investor
Retail customers, retail investors

Retail sales
Retail business

Risk - generally refers to the transaction, the risk of certain list

Risk Management
Risk control, financial institutions must have a risk control unit to operate and control the company's trading risk

Which means that every fixed period of time will be at market interest rates to roll over the loan renegotiation

Relative Strength Index: RSI (Relative Strength Index) RSI first to be used in futures trading, was later found in numerous technical chart analysis, theory and practice RSI is extremely suitable for short-term investments in the stock market, it was used to measure and analyze the stock Change in

With MT4 MQL4 language to write scripts that can be used to achieve the basic purpose without EA powerful, but more simplistic

US Securities and Exchange Commission

Sell ​​short

Settlement, such as profit clearing, transaction settlement

Short position
Short positions

Short squeeze
Short positions in the market is the high proportion, but because the stock price soaring, leading to long to sell shares of stock to borrow no shorts, short forced open, pushing the stock price to rise further

Simple Moving Average(SMA)
Simple Moving Average (Simple Moving Average, SMA) Simple Moving Average (SMA), also known as "arithmetic moving average line" refers to the closing price of a given period will be the simple average of the mean. Usually referred to refers to the Moving Average Simple Moving Average (SMA)

Slippage - Refers to the list price and the transaction specified price differences, usually large fluctuations in the market, or no market liquidity when you


Spot market
Spot market

Spot price
Spot price, the price can be traded moment

Differences in spreads, buying and selling prices of

US S & P 500 Index


Stop order
This is a bid when the buyer or seller asking price automatically scheduled arrival clearance instructions to ensure that there is no guarantee auction sale price

Stop loss
Stop, it is when a loss to the specified price, the order will be flat at a specified price fall

Stop Out
Due to lower margin would not be enough, all orders will be forced open.

Support level
Support line in terms of technical analysis, at a certain price, the price of a particular stock will rebound, which determine the price moves in the time that formed the support line

Overnight interest, spot foreign exchange market settlement date is two days later, on Monday opened positions, the delivery date shall be on Wednesday. If you are holding open positions overnight Monday to Tuesday, the next delivery date will be Thursday. Open positions and deferred on Wednesday, pushing its delivery date from Friday to Saturday, but the actual delivery date is Monday, because the banks do not open weekend days. If the trading positions are settled on the same day, then the deal will not be postponed

Take profit (T/P)
Only the profit is when you plan how much profit, such as 10%, 20% or 30%, you will set a price, while orders rose to this point to sell, lock the profit

Technical analysis
Technical analysis refers to the analysis of statistical data by market activity, such as past prices and trading volume of securities assessment methods. Technical analysts do not attempt to measure a security's intrinsic value. Technical analysts often use charts to identify trends in the foreseeable future model


A minimum unit price fluctuations in the

Trailing stop
Trailing Stop - list based on profit, stop loss will be set according to the scope of change

Transaction cost
Transaction costs, for example, spreads, commission etc.

The trend line - is the rally in connection with more than two lows and the stock market fell more than two wired high point, the former is called the rising trend line, which is called the downward trend line

UK Jobless claims
UK apply for unemployment benefits changes - month application difference compared with the previous month unemployment benefits

UK HBOS House price index
UK HBOS House Price Index - assessing the relative level of UK house prices, an important indicator of the real estate industry and the UK's economic prospects. The index is published by the UK's biggest mortgage bank (HBOS), the UK property market is the oldest index in the monthly data.

UK Producers price index
UK producer output price index (output costs) - a measure of the level of producer price inflation purchase of production or service indicators. Merit close attention, because it is a leading indicator reflects the level of inflation.

Unemployment rate
The unemployment rate refers to (a period of time to meet all the conditions of employment of the working population in the labor force still working numbers)

Unrealized gain/loss
Floating profit / loss in the open interest in the list reflects the

The Chicago Board Options Exchange volatility index used. By this index, we can understand the market expectations for the next 30 days market volatility

Financial market volatility, can for a financial product WBack to top

Silver dollar

Gold against the dollar

1 billion trading unit

Chinese Yuan


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