ORTERSS's mission is to always put the customer first, and to provide consistent quality of service.

  • Who is ORTERSS clearing business partners?
    ORTERSS quotation system connected with 16 top global investment Banks, including deutsche bank, Goldman sachs, citigroup and so on, they will compete to offer. Customers see is on the platform, At that time 16 Banks the best purchase price in the quotation, and the best selling price.
  • What is ORTERSS trading mode?
    ORTERSS using no traders liquidation mode, As a broker,We only add points difference in price as the profit. Your clients on the platform of each order will be automatically transferred to the clearing Banks. So, between us and customer will not be a conflict of interest. We firmly believe that only no traders liquidation mode is the most fair to the customer.
  • What types brokerage services ORTERSS provide?
    ORTERSS is an international currency brokerage companies. We offer to the foreign exchange market trading platform,Provided in the form of foreign exchange deposit products to investors. Customers to use their own trading strategy and analysis judgment on our MetaTrader 4 platform.
  • How to test simulation?
    Click here to open simulation trading accounts. There is a $100000 account,For traders to practice.
  • How to open the ORTERSS real trading account?
    Simple open real account number. You only need to click here and fill in the online account opening form as required. After submit an application, you will automatically receive our backstage email confirmation sent to you. You need to provide proof of identity (such as passport or driver's license) and address (such as bank statements, utility bill, or the government sent you letter).
  • How deposit to the trading account?
    We accept bank transfer and China unionpay card deposit. Money generally in 1-3 working days to the account. Pay attention to when doing bank transfer, please fill in your name and MT4 trading account in transfer information column. Use the unionpay card account transfer, we the background system will be automatically converted into renminbi according to the market rate to us dollar, and then into your trading account. According to the international anti-money laundering laws and regulations, we cannot accept third-party deposit. Account name must be consistent with the transfer people name.
  • How to withdrawal money?
    You need to login to the customer background,In the latter stage submit an application for withdrawal. Money usually within 3 to 5 working days turn into your bank account. Use the unionpay card renminbi debit customer, we will according to the market change usd to RMB exchange rate system is back to your bank card.
  • Is there a minimum requirement for trading each month?
    no minimum volume for the deal. But if no trading more than 12 months, we reserve the right to close the customer trading account.
  • Is there activity of Open a trading account Giving money?
    Our company will open an account we regularly organize different activities. But we don't usually in order to open an account and send excessive to giving money. Because we use no trader platform trading patterns, and customers are not antagonistic relationship, so we also remind the general trading customers, don't covet give funds and traders platform to open an account.