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White label

 White label partnership

White Label service is also known OEM service
ORTERSS white label program dedicated to agencies and agents provide brand solutions.
You can according to the needs of their business, to provide different types of cooperation programs to your customers. Also, you will keep your company's brand integrity and continuity, do not worry about the loss of customers。So, from the first day you can have your own foreign exchange company brand。
ORTERSS provide technical support and liquidation background,We are not involved in direct communication with customers and services. That is, from the customer before the customer to open an account after account, are controlled by the partners themselves。
Our professional institutional client manager will provide full 1-on-1 service in the course of implementation,Make sure that all platforms are set to meet your requirements. After completion of the program White Label,After the white label program is completed, will be to provide you with support in terms of business development, including market promotion, marketing and customer service training. ORTERSS for partners to provide the most effective business model, and make your company can rapid development, improve the yield, so as to realize the profit maximization.
    ORTERSS white label partnership advantages

 Low spreads
 fast access money
 Real-time monitoring
 Diversified trading products
 Acting background management page
 Education and training tools and materials
 Search Optimization and Web Development  ndustry leading rebate and commission
 MT4 platform support and Web version
 Proprietary and third-party market research
 The powerful backing, professional training
 There are Competitive profit sharing mode
 Adjustable back office including CBM