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Stock index

Stock index
ORTERSS to provide you with more than 10 kinds of stock index contracts for differences(CFD), can let traders because the view of the United States market, Europe market and Australia market to trading. By way of trade contracts for differences(CFD) in the market fluctuates up and down to a single stock index of operation,is an excellent way of investment, because based on margin trading contracts for differences(CFD), let you even in market volatility is very small, also have the opportunity to profit from it.

Short-term sales/Long-term purchase
Because your portfolio is the Fluctuant Stock index price rather than the actual hold the stock index, so the business can be in real time, instead of waiting for the stock index and settlement, You can also sell short stocks, Advantage of falling prices to make a profit. So a CFD investors whether in a bull market or bear market, can be fixed by short-term trading to earn profit.

Real-time transaction confirmation
CFD allows for real-time trading,unlike the trading under the some market condition, need to take time to wait.

Margin trading/leverage ratio
CFD trading only need to pay the security deposit without full payment for transactions. This allows you to efficiently use your assets, you only need to pay a small part of the transaction amount as collateral, will be able to participate in the market, control of your portfolio, grasp the opportunity.

High efficiency and low transaction costs
CFD trading costs relatively low relative to the stock and futures, you only need to pay some point difference as a fee , if you are take a position for the night, interest is calculated according to the days.

The Index of CFD trading and Stock index futures In the futures market are similar, are judging Stock index rise and fall. Index contracts for differences have no maturity date, flexible transaction amount, interest is calculated according to the days if you take a position.