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Crude oil

Crude oil trading
ORTERSS crude oil contracts for differences(CFD) gives you another way to participate in the selection of the futures market, investors can use lower margin trading. In addition, the smallest unit of trading lower, can let you more flexibility to participate in the global commodities market.
Energy products investment has become one of the fastest growing markets. In these products, crude oil and natural gas futures investment is to enter the high growth markets one of the most common and most convenient way. In addition, many companies have energy products also used crude oil futures to hedge their existing product price change risk.
ORTERSS provide recognition of sexual high and big circulation energy CFD products, so we can provide transparent prices for our customers.
The crude oil pricing is based on its own reference price, and can provide potential of refined oil (such as gasoline). These reference price have Arabian Light, Dubai, Light, Brent and West Texas Intermediate, etc. At present, London's international petroleum exchange of Brent crude oil futures (Brent), and provided by the New York exchange of American west Texas intermediate crude oil (WTI) is two of the world's largest crude oil futures products.
Refined oil is a very important market that located close to refining area. In Europe the strip called ARA zones, covering Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp.
Thanks to China's economic development accidental needs, oil prices have been stable for rose almost five years. During this period, has hit a record $150 a barrel in 2008. However, in the autumn of 2008 when the global financial crisis broke out, oil prices After the collapse of oil prices(All financial markets are affected) also has experienced decline over a period of time. Due to the global demand continues to decline, expectations of reference price of the commodities is not optimistic.