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Precious metals

Precious metals trading
Precious metals trading refers to Under the condition of investors For the precious metals market Bullish on, through the process of "buy low/sell high to make profits.

Also can be in the case of not optimistic about the economic outlook  take a safe-haven trade, in order to realize the property to maintain or increase its value.
ORTERSS precious metal products in contracts for differences (CFD) in the form of trade, investors can hold Long positions or short positions at the market price.
Gold investment originated in the 18th century Europe, after hundreds of years of development, with buying and selling gold to the rising number of participants and the trading behavior of matures, gradually appeared on the market of all kinds on the basis of gold investment products.

Precious metals as a special commodity, its price in the political situation and economic environment and regional conflicts of many factors under the influence, often appear  Large fluctuations In the case. In addition, gold is through the dollars or euros to Settlement, so the dollar or the euro's rise and fall may also affect the gold price volatility.

Margin trading in gold, also known as gold contracts for differences (CFD).  As the name suggests, in the gold market, buyers and sellers trading is affected by price fluctuations, it is trading in the price of gold contracts rather than physical gold trading. Gold contracts for differences in essence is a kind of derivative financial products, reflects  the  buyers and sellers to the price fluctuations of The expected. 

In the market now ,Gold margin trading is the main and the most popular gold investment tools. Through the adoption of gold contracts for differences(CFD), investors can save  the physical gold trading cost, such as The safekeeping fee, Storage fee, The insurance premium, A word, transportation and tax, Reduce the Additional costs of gold trading.