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Foreign exchange trading
Foreign exchange margin trading is through the opening trading accounts with currency brokerage company, with contracts for differences(CFD) manner of Foreign exchange deposit.
Margin trading is no actual exchanged, trading is convenient and flexible. In currency trading, and contains from governments, Banks, funds, foreign exchange dealers and retail. They constitute trading market of the largest Trading volume global.

24 hours of the market
Market is divided into the Asian plate, Europe plate and America plate. Market from the Monday morning start, 24 hours a day uninterrupted trading, closing until Saturday morning. In a week's time, as long as traders is able to log in trading platform, can be anywhere at any time to participate in the market volatility.

The Low transaction costs
Foreign exchange margin trading is no high poundage. In most cases, foreign exchange trading is free of commission. Transaction cost is simply the purchase price and sale price difference. Because the margin trading price is the wholesale price of investment Banks, this is cheaper than the retail price of actual swap a lot.

Market is public and transparent
The daily volume of foreign exchange market To achieve $5.2 trillion. Foreign exchange markets than traditional stocks, bonds, or futures market should be much bigger. the bank or institution not easy to control the price of market because the Huge volume. In addition, investors don't need to worry about their orders no one to take over.

Acting on international convention
World events constantly occur,affecting the up and down of currencies. Investors can be traded in an account. Buying and selling global currencies, Do it in a country, trade all over the world for the previous currency monetary base, after a currency is called the quote currency.

Currency pairs
ORTERSS Meta Trader 4 trading platform to provide close to 40 currency pairs. In the quotation,
We call for the previous currency monetary base, after a currency is called the quote currency.

Major currency pairs
The foreign exchange market include Six major Currency pairs, the six currency for trading accounts for more than 85% of all monetary transactions. They are respectively the euro/dollar, the dollar/yen and sterling/dollar, the dollar/Swiss franc, usd/cad, aud/usd.

Straight plate and crosses
In the international practice, we called it is straight plate that contains the dollar currency pairs. In addition to the above six major currency pairs, there are nzd/dollar, the dollar/sgd, etc. And in the currency of usd currency pairs, of what we call the crosses. Such as the euro/sterling, Australian dollar/euro/yen and the euro.