ORTERSS international adhering to the "transparency" and "facilitate" the purpose, additional measures also make foreign exchange benchmark image


ORTERSS as a day trader, scalping trader traders and new entrants to provide true STP Forex traders.  ORTERSS is not market makers. So you don't become a customer's counterparties. ORTERSS provide customers with cutting-edge trading platform, Low latency connectivity and excellent flowability. ORTERSS provide a revolutionary online currency trading technology. Online traders are now able to obtain previously only available to investment banks and high net worth investors ultra-high liquidity.

The company's management has many years of industry experience. Companies adhering to the "transparent" and "convenient" purpose, More measures simultaneously, Build foreign exchange benchmark image. Customer funds on deposit in a separate trust account, Security is guaranteed funds. Use only ORTERSS No Dealing Desk risk management, Customers can benefit from low spreads offered by FX liquidity ORTERSS, And cutting-edge technology allows us to get the best offer in the world's largest foreign exchange market. In order to pursue perfection, ORTERSS Using a proven platform Meta Trader 4, Fusion's innovative technology to new and old traders and business organizations to provide tailored stable trading environment. We welcome the use of any trading strategy on the platform.

ORTERSS offers up to 100 times leverage. However, the leverage also make trading risks enlarge. After a more than 10 years of successful transaction customer analysis, The key to using no more than 10 times the effective leverage is profitable long-term stability. Another key to success is to set a reasonable risk-reward ratio. Trading is a pay attention to the Numbers game of probability, Only the total profit is greater than a total loss, Can profitable in the long. Our professional account managers according to the customer's background, Experience and level, To provide customers with effective and workable training program.

ORTERSS  Letters will publish the foreign exchange market and foreign exchange market daily analysis. The latest market information and trading opportunities and potential hotspots sent to the customer. The company also organizes regular webinars, Help customers improve trading skills. Help customers improve trading skills, Including real-time market prices early warning, as well as news events remind. We can also according to customer needs, Provide trading mentor services.