ORTERSS's mission is to always put the customer first, and to provide consistent quality of service.

 Privacy Policy
In order to ensure that the process of provide service for you with ORTERSS, Your personal information submitted to us, Be lawful and reasonable use, At the same time avoid information confidential, For you I with unknown risks. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully.

1.You understand that you will be providing us with personal information that we will use to open, administer and maintain your account with us.

2.We undertake not to sell or pass on your personal information to any third parties except to those that we need to in relation to the normal operation of our business. These include credit card processing and verification centres, law enforcement agencies, any financial or other regulators, our auditors and your compliance officer, and introducing brokers that we may have a business agreement with.

3.However we may pass your information on to other companies within our group that we feel may be able to provide a service to you.

4.The main channel to obtain customer information from our customers in itself, but we also reserve the right to obtain information from other ways, such as credit rating agencies, voter registration name list, fraud, etc.

5.We may use the already available information, through the direct or indirect marketing methods, for the customer or potential customer to introduce new products or provide more quality services.

6.ORTERSS  all the employees are fully trained to customer information confidentia.

7.We keep all personal information as much as possible based on the safety of computer storage function. If not stored in the computer, we would be in a safe way to save paper documents. Any unauthorized personnel can't get these information.

8.ORTERSS site with social plug-ins, the plug-in will let us know your browser is check our website, and to collect your IP address information. If you don't want to share this information, please make sure that you have dropped out before the check out our website your social media accounts.

9.We will try our best to ensure the accuracy of customer information and updated in time, but you have the responsibility to inform us about any changes to your personal information.

10.You have the right to obtain a copy of your personal information that we hold about you, so that you inform us the information of any inaccuracies. You can email tell us your request, and at the same time to provide your identity authentication information.
11.If users don't want to receive ORTERSS news or promotional emails, you can always click on the email below "unsubscribe" link, so users will no longer receive any email about ORTERSS information.